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Thank you for visitng the Internet home of Animal House Calls serving Greater Cincinnati, Indiana and Northern Kentucky for over 15 years. House Calls can save you time, money and decrease stress for you and your companion.

Whether you are a busy professional and/or parent, have a multipet household, are a senior, or just have pets that hate to travel, House Calls are a convenient way to get your pets cared for in the comfort of your own home.

House Calls allow for personal attention to the living situations and interactions of all members of your household. The relaxed environment encourages discussion of health care topics and applied care.

A caring mobile veterinary service offering convenience for the Greater Cincinnati area


“Between my job and my work on several committees, not to mention being the father of four, I just couldn’t find a couple of hours to run my schnauzer to the vet. But now, Dr. Kowalski stops by in the morning while I’m pouring my coffee and by the time I’ve had my one cup, she’s done and on her way – and so am I.”

Tom D., Hyde Park

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